Alexis CHAUVET (1837-1871)


PBM 18.94   20 Pieces for Organ 38,00 €

A volume 225 x 310 (landscape format). 122-page. Edition François Sabatier and Nanon Bertrand.
Presentation and Editorial notes in French, English.

› Grand Chœur in C major, A 2 claviers in B flat major, Andantino in E major, A 2 claviers in F major, Largo in C major, Solo de clarinette, Grand Chœur in E flat major, Verse in D, Andantino in G major, Grand Chœur in G minor, Andantino in D minor, Grand Chœur in E flat major, Moderato “sur les fonds” in A major, Verse in A, Office des morts, Allegro moderato in B flat major, Verse in A, Andantino in B minor, Verse in C, Procession du Saint-Sacrement.

The pre-symphonic period which extends from Romanticism to the final years of the Second Empire still remains littleknown today when this almost seventy years’period is marked by a considerable expansion in organ buildings, and by the birth of a real school of virtuosos. The 20 Pieces, since they make up an essential milestone between Boëly’s still classical art and that of C. Franck; are the best music in adequacy with the French instrument in full transformation in the 1860s.

Piece no. 13

PBM 19.94   XV Preparatory Studies to Bach's works 18,00 €

A volume 210 x 297 (portrait format). 30-page. Edition F. Sabatier.
Presentation in French, English.

The XV Studies mark a particular stage in the great return to early music which began in France in the early 19th century. Chauvet proposes a tool intended for intellects still unprepared for the polyphonic character of the 18th century music, which he wants to lead smoothly to its perfect mastery.

PBM 28.97   9 Graded Offertories for Advent and Christmas-tide — Various Pieces 38,00 €

A volume 225 x 310 (landscape format). 130-page. Edition F. Sabatier and N. Bertrand.
Presentation and Editorial notes in French, English.

› [Untitled], Li a proun de gént, Or dites-nous Marie, Noël cette journée, À la venue de Noël, Chantons de voix hautaine, Une bergère jolie, Vous qui désirez sans fin, Grâce soit rendue au Dieu de la sus.

› Various Pieces: Rentrée de procession, Offertory in G major, Offertory in D major, Elévation 1 in F major, Elévation 2 in D major, Offertory in A minor, Elévation ou Communion in A major; Prelude in G minor; Prelude in C, Elévation ou Communion in F major, Offertory in C major; 90 shorts Verses.

The 9 Offertories are related to a French tradition going back to the Livres d’Orgue in the 17th century. The pieces from the Musée de l’Organiste date from the same period and those from the 20 Pieces (1863). The most remarkable piece from this volume is the Prelude in G minor composed for the Cavaillé-Coll of the villa Maracci: this is one of Chauvet’s first works to be truly conceived in the Cavaillé-Coll aesthetic. As to the 90 Petits Versets, they were composed with a very functional aims and they offer the complete range of the writing possibilities of the time.

Various Pieces

Various Pieces

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