Louis NIEDERMEYER (1802-1861)


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A volume 225 x 310 (landscape format). 116-page. Edition François Sabatier and Nanon Bertrand.
Presentation and Editorial notes in French and English.

› Offertory in A flat major, 2 Anthems, Sortie in C major, Offertory in F major, Trio, Priere in E minor, Fuga in A minor, Prelude in D major, Priere in A, Marche religieuse in D major, Communion in G minor, Fuga in D minor, Communion in A major, Pastoral, 4 Verses, Priere in C minor, Communion in D major, 2 Anthems, 2 Verses, Communion in A, Prelude in A minor, Canzone, Marche religieuse in E major.

The thirty pieces comprising Niedermeyer’s organ music were entirely published in the journal La Maîtrise. Virtually all the genres of the organ music of the time are represented here ranging from a liturgy without plainsong, the para-liturgical and pieces of purely musical works which are nevertheless suitable for liturgical use.

While Niedermeyer often gives in to the conventions of the time, he occupies nevertheless a significant place in the period before Franck. He composed organ music of average difficulty which are perfectly suited to the instrument.


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