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PBM 27.97
Pieces for Organ

“Niedermeyer left his name to the school of great reputation, that he founded; among many others, that school got students such Loret and Saint-Saëns. When the Niedermeyer’s style writing seems to be a bit severe, it is nevertheless ‘adorned’ with nice melodic lines. Beautiful engraving and editorial notes.”
(A. Macinanti, Arte organaria e organistica, no. 24, September-October 1998)

“Thanks to F. Sabatier and N. Bertrand who bring out works by French 19th century organ composers. We wish to remind the interest for this publication, as well as the musicological job as in a ‘professional’ way: The organists dispose now of documents which help them to extend their repertoire. Graphically speaking, the score is on a high level.”
(E. Kocevar, L’Orgue no. 243, July-September 1997)