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PBM 38.06-SMF19 06.07
Vol. 1. Les Pièces pour Grand Orgue

“René Vierne’s style is clearly influenced by the music of his eldest brother and also that of César Franck but this modest collection provides an excellent resource for liturgical use.”
(S.S., The Organ, No 337 Aug.- Oct. 2006)

“This volume is the first of a projected edition of the organ works of Louis Vierne’s youngest brother. […] Volume 1 comprises four secular pieces and seven liturgical pieces. All the music here was published in separate editions and the editor has been at pains to present the secular pieces in chronological order as far as possible. The secular pieces are all characterised by the shifting, restless enharmonic harmonies, chromaticisms and sequences beloved of the post-César Franck school. […] The Vesper antiphons are beautifuly crafted miniatures showing René Vierne’s control of contrapuntal techniques. The edition includes the complete texte of each antiphon from which the composer takes his inspiration. He produces music of great charm and character with hardly an accidental in sight. The volume is very well produced with extensives notes on the composer and a catalogue of his music. One awaits subsequent volumes in the series with great interest.”
(Alan Spredding, Organists’ Review, August 2006)